Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation


How long does it take? Most mediation cases will take between one and three sessions. We meet together in my office or using the Zoom platform for 2-hour sessions. We schedule sessions a week or so apart so that you have time to gather the information you need between appointments. If you are both prepared,…

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Things to Consider Before Divorce

Before Divorce Consider

Before starting a divorce, consider taking steps to ensure a smooth mediation process. Rushing into a legal and financial separation is not wise and can end up costing you and your family financial and emotional heartache. Here are a few things to consider before beginning the divorce process. 1. Individual Therapy Working on yourself before…

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NOT PREPARED Each of you must prepare your documents and gather information for each mediation session. Taking the time you need to organize your finances, and sharing information with your partner early on will save you time and money in the long run. If information is missing or incomplete, it can be difficult to make…

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The Family Law Nightmare

As you may be aware, Family Law matters can quickly snowball out of control. Both sides may threaten to take the house or the kids or may falsely claim abuse to gain the upper hand in a divorce proceeding. Sadly, lawyers play a role in the drama by escalating conflict. Why would this happen? Simply…

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There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon

My career as a divorce mediator has taught me many lessons, and my clients have become my greatest teachers.  I have noticed that several of the same issues repeatedly lead couples to my office for divorce or separation.   The pattern I have seen so often brings to mind the children’s book “There’s no such thing…

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