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Dawn Clement

About Dawn Clement

Dawn Clement is a Pennsylvania Family Law Mediator & Attorney, Conflict Resolution Consultant, Co-Parenting Specialist, and Professor.  She has been practicing for almost 20 years and is focused on co-parenting and keeping your family out of court. “As a family lawyer and child of divorce, it became evident to me that families do not belong in court!  Soon after having my own children, I began to explore better ways to guide couples through the divorce, separation, and custody process without going to war.”

“Now, families can avoid the expense of a costly court battle by resolving cases using the mediation process. Starting a mediation practice has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career choices I have made.  It is truly an honor to keep couples out of the adversarial court system and empower folks to make decisions for themselves.  It is my life’s mission to help families find solutions in a peaceful, amicable, and respectful manner.”