Let’s Talk Co-Parenting

Let's Talk Co-Parenting

Early during the divorce or separation process, parents will face the issue of how to handle shared parenting time and finances. In most cases, parents strive towards shared parenting time so that the children can spend time with both parents. The key is to take into consideration each parent’s work schedule, the children’s school schedules,…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation


How long does it take? Most mediation cases will take between one and three sessions. We meet together for 2-hour sessions. We schedule sessions a week or so apart so that you have time to gather the information you need between appointments. If you are both prepared, the mediation process moves quickly. Most mediations are…

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Mediation for Separation

Are you considering separation? If so, it may be helpful to decide on the terms. Generally, there are two types of separation—informal and formal. Whether informal or formal, a separation can be physical, financial, or both.


In an informal separation or trial separation, couples can use a mediator to agree to terms, including finances, custody, support, and other arrangements, without signing any legal documents.

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Back to School Co-Parenting Tips

School is starting soon and this can be a difficult time for co-parents. Here are a few tips to ease the transition for the children. Start planning early. As soon as school, sports, and extracurricular schedules are released, share them with the other parent or caregiver so that appropriate scheduling can commence. It may be…

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Mediation for Alienated Parents

Mediation is a helpful tool to bridge the communication gap between alienated parents. Mediation clients often share that one or more of the children “refuses” to see the other parent or does not want to see the other parent during their designated visitation schedule. Over time, this behavior may result in the other parent becoming…

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The holiday season can be challenging, however, careful planning and communication with your co-parent can help make the season a smooth one. Start planning early Conflict arises when parents wait until the last minute to arrange an event with the children. During the holidays our lives are already overscheduled with festive parties and events and…

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