Parenting Plan Sample Script

Time to update your parenting plan or custody/child support agreement?

No parenting plan, custody, or child support agreement works forever. Most co-parents will annually review the terms of the agreement and modify or make changes, especially if your plan is no longer working.

A parenting plan prepared for a toddler will rarely work with a teenager. The good news is families do not need a court or a judge to make changes – instead, meet with a mediator to update the terms quickly and affordably.

Use this sample script to have the initial conversation about mediation with your co-parent:

Hi [Co-Parent’s Name],

I notice our custody or child support arrangement has been challenging lately, but it’s my hope we can move forward in a positive direction. We agreed to a periodic review of our parenting plan, and it may be time to discuss our terms and make modifications that would work for both of us. Typically, mediation is the easiest and least expensive way to evaluate our options.

Instead of each of us hiring our own lawyer and going through a long, contentious court battle, we can work together to find a solution that works for both of us. We can schedule an hour or so with a mediator to review or prepare a Parenting Plan and make adjustments as needed. The updated parenting agreement would reflect both our needs and priorities.

I believe a quick custody and child support mediation session could be a positive step for both of us. I want to move forward peacefully and amicably, which will save us time, money, and stress in the long run. What do you think? Would you be open to exploring mediation as an option?

Please take all the time you need to decide. When you are ready, we can ask mediator Dawn Clement to help us with the process. Here is a link to her website to schedule:

Next Steps:

Schedule a Consultation: If you would like more information on mediation, or help with discussing mediation with your partner or co-parent, please reach out here: to schedule a consultation.

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