Why Mediate?

Mediation tends to be peaceful and positive. Most families prefer to make decisions together rather than using an adversarial court process. Mediation encourages cooperation and agreement and is a relatively simple process compared to alternative methods.


Your family does NOT belong in court. Family matters should be private and confidential. Most parents and spouses will use the mediation process to keep the peace and keep their family out of court. Mediation also helps you avoid lawyers and judges making decisions for you. A neutral mediator empowers parents and spouses to reach a mutually acceptable agreement and fully control the outcome.


Mediation is the lowest-cost option for divorce. Other options include the two-attorney process, which always drives up legal fees. Attorneys get paid for the time they talk with you and for the time they spend communicating with the other party’s lawyer! Both attorneys get paid while you are left with a big bill. Paying one mediator to help you make decisions about your property and debts or co-parenting is always the most cost-effective.


Mediation is the quickest option for resolving divorce or co-parenting issues. The court process can take years to complete because adversarial approaches to divorce involve hours of inefficiently used time, including costly procedural actions (e.g., filing declarations and motions, depositions, discovery, countless back-and-forth communications between the lawyers, etc.). On the other hand, mediation is a very quick, simple, and straightforward approach.


If you are ready to plan for your future, try mediation. It is a proven method to help you and your family move forward peacefully. If you would like to learn more about how mediation can work for you and your family, schedule a consultation here: Clement Mediation.


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