Marital Mediation

What is Marital Mediation?

Marital Mediation is for couples facing marital challenges and those that would prefer to stay married and resolve conflicts together. The main goal or purpose of Marital Mediation is to save your marriage and avoid divorce. Mediation is not therapy. Your mediator will guide you through a practical approach to resolving marital conflict using proven dispute resolution techniques.

Why use Marital Mediation?

Mediation is well known for its focus on conflict resolution and problem-solving. Notably, when couples are experiencing problems, mediation can help to resolve marital conflicts around the finances, children, and family dynamics. Mediation involves a thorough discussion of the issues, behaviors, and patterns affecting the marriage. In addition, your mediator will use mediation tools to help couples adjust their roles and problem solve so that the issues are resolved amicably.

Why not therapy?

Frankly, many clients refuse to get therapy or would rather work out their problems without analyzing and discussing the past. Mediation is future-focused, using strategies to address problems now and in the future. Therapy in conjunction with mediation is a wonderful option for folks seeking to uncover and address root causes of dysfunction. Also, it may be a wise choice to utilize both a mediator and a therapist to help your family avoid a path of separation or divorce.

What is the outcome of Marital Mediation?

The outcome of mediation may be an oral or written agreement, where the couple determines the specific terms of their relationship moving forward. If the couple is concerned or worried about what might happen in the event of a separation or divorce, they may decide in mediation to draft a formal post-nuptial agreement. This may help in two ways, by strengthening the marriage and helping with the couple’s uncertainty about a future divorce action.

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