Tips for Online Mediation

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Online Platforms

Your mediator may use an online secure platform like Zoom to conduct online mediation sessions.  Before your first scheduled mediation session, be sure to download and install the required software or app and open an account. Familiarize yourself with the platform so that you can feel comfortable participating in your meeting.

Secure Connection

Mediation participants should use a secure Wi-Fi or Ethernet (hard-wired) connection. Do not use a public access Wi-Fi connection, your information is not safe and may be at risk.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Only the people who have agreed to the mediation may be present in the same room during any online mediation session. You must confirm that you are alone in the room and cannot be overheard.

Absolute Prohibition on Recording

Remember the meeting is confidential and participants may not record during the session. You or anyone on your behalf should not audio or video record any portion of the session.

Interruption Free Zone

Please ensure that you are not interrupted during your online mediation session. This means making arrangements for appropriate childcare, notifying family and friends of your unavailability, and making appropriate scheduling choices. 

Technology Hiatus

Before the meeting, turn off or silence any devices and disable alerts or texts for the duration of online mediation sessions.  (except for the computer or device you are using for online mediation sessions) Do not use social media, email, and/or internet search engines, other than what is necessary to conduct the session.

Respectful Communication

Remember to turn your video and sound on; it is helpful to view facial expressions and body language during the session. Due to the nature of the online forum, you may have to adjust how you communicate. Be sure to allow each participant to finish their comment or statement before responding. The camera may not always transmit non-verbal cues, it is helpful to clearly verbalize communications during an online mediation session. 

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