Private Path

What does a mediated, no-fault divorce mean? In Pennsylvania, we have a no-fault divorce option, simply meaning if both spouses mutually agree a divorce can be obtained regardless of fault. This option eliminates the expense and time required for one spouse to formally blame the other spouse in court.  Couples can choose to keep their families private information and “dirty laundry” out of court and out of the public record. Ultimately, families that choose to divorce peacefully benefit with their finances, time and privacy.

Simple Path

Typically the entire filing requirements and fees are far less expensive if you choose the no-fault route. Your timeline for a divorce will be much shorter if you choose not to fight in court, and this option means your divorce can be handled privately and confidentially. Eliminating the public accusations and he-said-she-said can bridge the divide and help create the  a path to a simple, cost effective divorce.

You Have a Choice

Before either of you file for divorce, consider mediation first. If you would like to move forward amicably, think about and discuss with your spouse whether drafting your divorce agreement mutually would be a good fit for you and your family. A qualified divorce mediator can help you focus on navigating the issues of divorce and move forward peacefully, avoiding the shame that may surface publicly during a trial. If a healthy divorce sounds appealing to you, give divorce mediation a try!

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