Love and Marriage

Each spring, I have the pleasure of teaching a course that brings me so much joy and satisfaction every year. The class is called “Love and Marriage” and is offered as an undergraduate course at West Chester University, located in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The “Love and Marriage” course includes several sections taught by qualified professors with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. What excites me most about teaching this course is that it closely aligns with my mission in life, to support couples and families as a pro-marriage family law mediator and attorney.

This course allows students to explore many different stages of a relationship. We start the semester with the dating process, examine what love is, and study some of its major components in intimacy and communication. Next, we investigate marriage and some of its alternatives and consider many real-life issues that long-term relationships face. Students reflect upon their own lives and relationships, and approaches to love and marriage from an academic standpoint and a personal one.

Additionally, the course fulfills a writing requirement, and students engage in both informal and formal writing. The journal writing piece is so valuable, as students apply the academic curriculum we learn in class to their own past or present life experiences. Taking the time to reflect or focus on themselves and their future by using their writing skills is an important and necessary process for college students.

The course is quite popular. Most semesters, it fills up fast and often has a waiting list to enroll. Also, I am noticing that college students are eager to learn more about themselves and their relationships. Many students share that they hope to avoid the path of their own parents and create a new and better future for themselves. My wish is that by offering in-depth relationship education, more couples will avoid the dreaded divorce attorney and curate a more positive life experience.

The positive feedback I have received from my students is that they feel better prepared for their big life choices. They are empowered with the tools they need to make decisions about their relationships and learn so much more about themselves. Based on what I see in my private practice, the Love and Marriage course should be offered to every college student, and it would certainly steer them away from my office in the future!

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