If your relationship is on the path to separation or divorce, you may be wondering how to move forward and make wise decisions for you and your family.

Do I have to go to court?

No! In Pennsylvania you have a few options, one option is to hire separate attorneys and go to court. This option will result in a divorce decree, however, it will involve several years in the court system and tens of thousands of dollars. A better option is to mediate your divorce with a neutral third-party mediator. Mediators are trained professionals that walk you through the divorce process step by step. With mediation, you and your family never even have to set foot in a courtroom!

What happens in mediation stays in mediation.

Pennsylvania law protects divorce mediation confidentiality. Your mediation is absolutely private and confidential. Your personal finances and family matters discussed in mediation will remain private and cannot be used in court or become public record. It is a relief to know that you do not have to worry about others knowing your family business.

You stay in control and find solutions for your needs.

Every divorce mediation is individually customized for you and your family. As you know, courts do not typically have the resources or time to completely understand your family’s needs. In mediation, you will remain in total control of your decisions and outcome. In court, lawyers tend to project their own partiality and make judgments without really understanding your family dynamics. In fact, Pennsylvania judges have a lot of discretion, so even if your lawyer tells you that your side will prevail, be very careful because you are truly rolling the dice on the final outcome.

Mediation is quick.

Mediation can be conducted in a few short sessions, as opposed to trial, which often takes several years to conclude. Your family’s mediation process will be a personalized and streamlined approach tailored specifically to your needs. Your mediator will walk you through the process, step by step until completion. This method ultimately lessens the amount of time your family members have to endure the stress and strain of the divorce process.

Mediation is affordable.

Money is a limited resource for most of us. Typical mediation fees for a family are approximately $1,300 – $3,500 for the entire divorce mediation process. This is roughly 10% or less of divorce costs through the court ($15,000 – $40,000). Please consider mediating if your family is already experiencing financial strain, mediation is a very wise and practical financial decision.

Mediation brings closure.

Divorce is not a mystery, but lawyers can make it feel that way. Couples often hire lawyers assuming a judge will hear their case and validate their emotions or position. In truth, this rarely happens. Often in Pennsylvania, a spouses’ behavior towards each other is largely irrelevant to the court’s decisions. On the other hand, a divorce mediator can help you discuss all the decisions relevant to divorce, and likely bring resolution to the relationship.

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