Living with a spouse with a high conflict personality or attempting to co-parent with your ex is extremely challenging right now. The good news is mediation will help you resolve these issues before it gets worse.

Now is the best time to start. In states like Pennsylvania, the courts are closed to divorce lawyers or open only on an emergency basis. Don’t worry, if you have legal issues that need to be resolved, mediation will support you through the process. Confidential divorce mediation is a more affordable option than the court system. It’s easier too, we simply meet together with you and your partner using the online Zoom platform. We discuss the issues that are most important to you both and draft a private agreement reflecting those terms.

Now, more than ever, parents and spouses are turning to mediation to resolve divorce, separation, and custody issues. I notice that spouses find it very comforting to meet in the convenience of their own home. It is helpful not to deal with traffic or take time off of work to handle family issues. Even if you are not ready to meet yet, while you are home you can start preparing now.

In the current environment, we are forced into navigating personal, legal, and financial issues from home. Meeting virtually helps ease the strain and pressure from trying to resolve these issues on your own. We may not be thrilled with our current housebound situation, but what better opportunity to take the first step and move forward with your future.

Your family does not belong in court. Working with a peaceful family law attorney and mediator is the better option. Contact me at or for a free online consultation.