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If you are thinking about a divorce, first consider the divorce mediation path. A neutral and qualified mediator can help you and your spouse divide the property, debts and parenting responsibilities peacefully and respectfully. Most mediations take only a few sessions using a quick and affordable process.

The mediated divorce pathway is described by most as an amicable, simple and efficient method. Pennsylvania has a divorce option which allows couples to obtain a simple divorce regardless of marital fault. The benefit to choosing this type of divorce is that you are able to move forward after a short waiting period, without the need of going through the court system. Time and money are precious resources, especially during a divorce, and the mediated separation is an efficient, respectful and less expensive method of obtaining a divorce.

You have probably heard from well-meaning family and friends that the divorce process can be financially and emotionally devastating. This does not have to be the case for your family! Couples using mediation tend to end the marriage in a better position both financially and emotionally than those that take their battle into the courtroom. Once you and your spouse decide that it is time for a divorce, and if you both agree, consider scheduling a consultation with a mediator before you dive into the murky litigation process.

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