Affordable Process


Using a mediator is a great first step and can help you resolve issues without going to court. Mediation is an affordable tool to help families resolve conflict and navigate the family law process. The process starts when you and your spouse or co-parent meet together with the mediator to decide the terms that work for you. You can mediate at any time during the process, but the most significant cost savings are seen when folks mediate first.


Gathering financial information and preparing your own budget and asset worksheets will save time and money in the long run. In Pennsylvania, marital property and debts are listed, valued, and distributed. The more work you do yourself, the less money it will cost you and your family. Get started on your affordable divorce here:


Mediation should be easy and affordable. Look for a mediator that offers unbundled fees or flat fees; this can be important when making a decision on which mediator to use. Make sure there are no expensive retainers or surprises for you and your family. A consultation is an important step for an affordable process You both should have an opportunity to meet your mediator, get information about their process, and know how long it typically takes to mediate situations similar to yours.


Discussing issues ahead of time will save time and money during the mediation process. If you both have had the opportunity to review and consider the information prior to the mediation sessions, you will spend less time in mediation and save money. I have found that preparation is the key to a successful and affordable divorce or separation mediation.


If you are wondering if mediation is right for you, reach out to an experienced, professional mediator. If you would like more information, click here:


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